Buy Rose Petals.

Do you have a wedding soon? Or do you want to surprise a loved one? Then you can buy rose petals at Rosensueel. The petals are available in 16 different colors. For the colors you can visit our webshop

Besides the sale to individuals we also sell to companies  petals. If you are a wedding planner? Or do you have a decorating business? Would you stand with your company? Buy rose petals at Rosensueel.

Besides the wedding industry, we also focus on hotels. Does your hotel  have romantic suites or romantic packages? Buy rose petals at Rosensueel. For a free quote or questions please email us via the contact page.

The rose petals at Rosensueel are made of silk and go very, very long time. For only € 2.50 you can have a packet of 100 rose petals. They look real and feel real. Some advantages of the rose petals are that they will not wither, and you can use them multiple times. They do not give off color.

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